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  1. Lord Mark


    Anyone see that tight green top she was wearing last week?...blimey,nearly had my eye out...I had to duck every time she turned to the camera.
  2. Lord Mark

    Celebrate The New Studio Countdown Thread

    The new studio seems to be open for business...this and it going all mod-cons with HD on freesat is blowing my mind & it's also getting me over the loss of Seen on tv.
  3. Lord Mark

    General Banter and Random Musings

    Shame,now where am I going to get my fix of Shona? least ideal world's entered the 21st century on freesat and gone HD...every cloud etc etc.
  4. Lord Mark

    General Banter and Random Musings

    Well,I wish you luck..I like a bit of shopping telly & this new channel looks well presented (and it's in HD unlike idealworld)..hope you can sort out the gremlins.
  5. Lord Mark

    Catheirne Huntley Weight Loss

    God forbid anybody have a sense of humour on Qvc....or here for that matter.
  6. Lord Mark

    Ultrasun TSV 03/06/24

    God,she's on again...make her go away.
  7. Lord Mark

    Ultrasun TSV 03/06/24

    This item and it's "inventor" has to be the most tedious one on Qvc for me...almost makes me pine for the Autumn & Winter.
  8. Lord Mark

    What's happened to Peter Simon ?

    Looks like he's had some extreme botox - thankfully his face seems to have "relaxed" again over the weekend.
  9. Lord Mark

    What's Happened to What's Cooking?

    Should have a cookery hour with Gayle & Dale/Jilly or A.N.other half capable presenter...Eyelid is very poor.
  10. Lord Mark

    Random musings and general banter.

    But you keep on watching 🤔 your freeview box stuck?
  11. Lord Mark

    I thought I only disliked Ophelia as a presenter......

    I've also noticed that the energy companies use "friendly" northern accents to reassure you if your bill is a bit expensive & you can't afford to turn the heating up/on...and for some reason we seem to get "edgy" european accents when they're desperately trying to flog their electric...
  12. Lord Mark

    I thought I only disliked Ophelia as a presenter......

    Well I live in Wales and how can I put this?.......most ads on the telly AND radio (they must have to work really hard on getting their agenda across on this format) are obviously not aimed at my demographic.....they need to realise - "Not everybody lives in London".
  13. Lord Mark

    I thought I only disliked Ophelia as a presenter......

    Yes..I think tv & radio producers seem to confuse being loud with being entertaining these days.
  14. Lord Mark

    I thought I only disliked Ophelia as a presenter......

    I'm just listening to Alison Hammond on a radio ad (with my fingers in my ears naturally)..a big no from me on that one i'm afraid....whilst we're at it has anyone else noticed the dumbing down of the voices on tv & radio adverts in general over the last couple of years or so?
  15. Lord Mark

    List of Ideal World presenters

    I think i'm quite possibly the only person on here who likes Peter Simon.
  16. Lord Mark

    Eilidh Nairn

    She'll probably be holding the frying pan upside down tomorrow evening.
  17. Lord Mark

    Ben de Lisi TSV 06/02/24

    Agreed..for a fashion designer he's a right scruffy looking so'n'so..comes across as someone who loves himself imho.
  18. Lord Mark

    Julia Roberts

    Eyelid's the scottish woman who took over from the irish bloke "Myseal".
  19. Lord Mark

    Julia Roberts

    When's she back to save the day?...somebody put us out of the misery of afternoon shopping telly being presented by Rezzy,Eyelid,Awphelia & Victoria Fitzgerald 😴🙉🙈
  20. Lord Mark

    Eilidh Nairn

    Nailed it...she's not dislike-able but there is something about her that I can't bear and you've got it spot on..she talks to the viewer like they're about 2 years old and is in such awe of every single item....still not as bad as the plank who's on at the moment - "Rezzy"...8 out of every 10...