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    Elemis TSV 28/7/24

    My guess is that Elemis have done a stock check and they’ve realised that they’ve got far too much Enzyme Peel & Cleansing Oil in their warehouse that’s getting close to its expiry date so they’ve offered it to Q who were only too happy to accept it at a knockdown price as long as the expiry...
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    Samsung TSV 12/07/24

    Whatever it is, I can pretty much guarantee that it will be a massive disappointment. It always is with Q.
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    Oral-B TSV 10/7/24

    That was exactly my first thought as well Donna.
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    Jess Foley

    That is an absolute joke. They might as well just close the ASA for all the good they actually do to assist the people they were set up to support. Just ridiculous.
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    Lulu Guinness sale

    Lulu Guinness sales are excellent if you're in the market for something. I've had some fantastic bargains over the years from them.
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    LIz Earle TSV 07/07/24

    I've just noticed this on the website so I've ordered one. It's basically buy one get one free compared to the RRP.
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    More sneakiness?

    I’ve noticed that they no longer seem to show the metal weight of items any more, at least they haven’t been showing it the last couple of times I’ve been channel hopping.
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    Tili x Elemis Mystery Bag

    Only in the background Lynn, I certainly wasn't interested in anything she had to say though 😂😂😂
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    Tili x Elemis Mystery Bag

    No, me either. Vinegar is a stupid name for a toner anyway if you ask me, it just sounds so harsh if that makes sense?
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    Create and Craft Club Renewal

    To be fair, it's entirely possible as we have quite a few people away from the office today as they've used some leave to go to their children's school sports day so it might be a regular day for it across the country?
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    Tili x Elemis Mystery Bag

    I'm just going off what Keeley said on one of last weeks shows. I'm sure she said that Ginseng & Lavender were getting retired because most people found that Apricot suited them and they also had other toners in the range now, I'm sure she mentioned the superfood vinegar and some kind of mist...
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    Tili x Elemis Mystery Bag

    I think the Lavender Toner has gone/is going as well.
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    Reselling Gemporia

    And he wants an extra £12.00 to send them to you. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    Aqua Laser cooling towels

    My mum bought one of these for her sister just last month. She was that impressed with it that she ordered one for herself too.
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    Aqua Laser cooling towels

    I got them for my parents last year when we were told we were getting a really bad heatwave and as they were due to go to Leeds for my nieces Uni graduation I thought they might be a help. They both said they were an absolute godsend on the day as the function room they were in was unbearably...
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    Jade Troth is back

    If Jess had been born 100 years ago, she'd probably have been in a traveling freak show because of how wide she can manage open her jaws. She'd definitely give a python a run for its money anyway.
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    Vogue Williams

    Wrong boyband Donna, it was Brian McFadden that she was married to. God knows how I know or remembered that though 😂😂😂
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    Fast fashion - is there anything we can really do?

    Greggs have doing this for a while via Sports Direct IIRC. Personally I think it looks ridiculous but I've seen quote a few people wearing Greggs sliders over the last couple of weeks in the nice weather.
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    QVC Garden TSV 18/06/24

    Do it.
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    QVC Garden TSV 18/06/24

    What's the point of that Andi? We all know that you'll cave in eventually 😂😂😂