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  1. beazot

    It's back

    Still looking for my HG hair spray!! I have at least 8 hair sprays at the moment,all leave a residue,some more than others,why is this so much better? If you listen till the end,JF clarifies that it is only the packaging that has changed,that it is exactly the same formula.
  2. beazot

    Advanced orders- not amused!

    I had a phone call,automated,about 3 days ago,to say that the Elemis frangipani TSV would be sent out week commencing 30th November. That was also the information given on the day of the TSV. It arrived yesterday!!!
  3. beazot

    Thank You for your continued support

    Apart from FB,this is the only forum I belong to.Although I don't post much,I've been here since 2004. And I've never been banned from anywhere.It seems to me that DF is only happy when she is totally in control,so totally jealous of this site. Carry on Graham,you must be doing something right...
  4. beazot

    Elemis Bliss Capsules

    All Boxed Up have Elemis Bliss Capsules for £23-99,including P&P. Supposedly worth £65,also another 2 items included in the
  5. beazot

    Nails Inc Spray on Polish.

    It actually washes off the skin easily.British Beauty Blogger gave it a good review,and she is usually fair. But the Paint Can,can be bought for £10 on its own,and you can use any base and top coat.
  6. beazot

    QVC social anthropology

    This is what was said yesterday on QVC F/B page:---- After all the FB posts that are on here complaining of the two tier system QVC are employing where Ian Burkitt's posts are being deleted, to let customers know on this page the upcoming TSV's, when other groups are revealing OTO's TSV's etc...
  7. beazot

    Josie Maran TSV 18/08/2015

    Thanks,that seems possible,wiii wear it down a bit.
  8. beazot

    Josie Maran TSV 18/08/2015

    Could you tell us the secret?Im finding its making my eyelids more crepey(they are crepey)but more so lol
  9. beazot

    All Boxed Up.

    The unique number had to be from a Daily Mail or Sunday Mail last week,Sunday through to Thursday.Once you entered the number it took you to All Boxed Up.I had confirmation immediately,but haven't had a dispatch email.Ive used them before,but they can be very slow,and in other boxes have changed...
  10. beazot

    All Boxed Up.

    I bought 3 last week,it was an offer in the Daily Mail and you needed a unique number. Obviously hasn't sold well,so now on the normal site.Brilliant buy,will put them away for Christmas presents.
  11. beazot

    Eternal Crystal & Shell Pearl Jacket Earrings Stainless Steel OTO

    Surely the model has the earrings on incorrectly.The chunky bit should be behind the ear,for the stud to fasten to,then the pearls sit on the side of the ear. Still wouldn't like them,but at least put them on the model correctly.
  12. beazot

    Kathy Tayler

    So sorry,the caeracts must have been another time.
  13. beazot

    Kathy Tayler

    She was back today,pretty sure she was off with Cateract surgery.
  14. beazot

    Vitamix TSV 22/11/14

    If anyone has a Costco card,or a friend with one. From next Monday they have the Blendtec on offer,one jar,£240. I have the 2 jars but not really necessary.
  15. beazot

    Elemis TSV 07/09/14

    I think Julia had a tweet more or less asking if the new formula would be competition for Cleanse and Polish,I think meaning the customer awards. Keeley answered that Cleanse and Polish was a good product but the new formula would really compete with it.
  16. beazot

    Diamonds v Diamonique

    Where would be the best place to sell unwanted jewellery. I have a diamond and sapphire ring(like Lady Diana's,sort of),which I rarely wear. Thought I'd leave it to one of my daughters,but they wouldn't wear it,and would be unfair to the other daughter as I assume it's worth a little. I also...
  17. beazot

    Has anyone spotted a One Time Only for the Flara Mare show tonight?

    I had bought the set earlier at the full price. Called customer services and £6-14 refunded,so many thanks for the question and answer.
  18. beazot

    I had to double take!!

    I saw a larger version of this in Costco today,about £35 including vat.
  19. beazot

    BareMinerals launch a Liquid Foundation!

    Thanks Jabba,I was matched with 07,so interesting to see what that will be on QVC.
  20. beazot

    BareMinerals launch a Liquid Foundation!

    The brush was interesting,but quite small in diameter,about an inch,with a cavity in the centre.