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    Sexist gender bias male TJC 'experts'

    Has anyone else realised just how sexist TJC is in regards to putting on air their male buyers and so called experts 99% of whom also seem to be male? Every buyer or expert seems to be a man apart from one single woman who comes on air to sell ruddy handbags every 6 months or so!!!!!! In my...
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    TJC Expert Day

    Is there anyone out there who actually likes the so called experts /buyers co presenting on air? Personally I do like Craig the English bloke who presents in the USA as he genuinely does know what he is talking about when it comes to Bali jewellery. However, I do really struggle with been...
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    Random musings on TJC

    The Canadian bloke is in my opinion really really obnoxious. He is clearly someone who was born into a rich and privileged family - but when he is on air saying things like he sprays William Hunt as air fresher - when TJC try to sell this as their most high end perfume for men (and it is lovely)...
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    Rachel Galley

    I totally agree my treasured RG pieces are from the distant past - lovely, heavy statement pieces, not the more recent tiny pieces. Personally I think RG and TJC have parted company. I asked them this week if they were still selling RG and when the next show was scheduled and got back a...
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    Rachel Galley

    Does anyone know if TJC and Rachel Galley have parted company? Loved her designs - but less so in recent years when everything has gone very small scale when sold via TJC.