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  1. Elliementary

    Please stop Alison.....

    There's a whole 'thing' now, around 'Swedish Death Cleaning', which is literally about people taking on the task of, 'getting their affairs in order, and clearing out junk. There's even a couple of books about it, though I've never read any.
  2. Elliementary

    Alison Young

    The fact that her children had to ask her not to put her grandkids on sm, just highlights what an incredibly stupid woman she is.
  3. Elliementary

    Alison Young

    They had a 'scripted' announcement after Lenny (Nina Leonard) died, but that's about the only other one I remember.
  4. Elliementary

    How not to wear a pair of trousers

    Try pulling up 'Task Master', to see how much memory the apps you are running, are taking up. I've recently switched back to Firefox, as Chrome is a monster memory muncher. If you start typing it into the search bar next to the 'windows' icon, it'll come up, via predictive text. It's quite an...
  5. Elliementary

    Julia Roberts

    There are 218 different styles of Skechers on the QVC website, yet Julia has only one pair of (very ugly) trainers. Did they refuse to give her a couple of pairs?
  6. Elliementary

    Judith Williams TSV 03/11/20

    I've just flicked over to Q, to see what was on. I was really shocked to see JW, she looked so completely different. She's had so much 'work' done, she no longer has any character or expression, in her face. She doesn't look anything like herself. If I hadn't known it was her, I wouldn't...
  7. Elliementary

    Today I bought....

    Weren't you thinking about taking up knitting again at the beginning of Lockdown MK1? Buying yarn always cheers me up. Until it starts to take over the house, and I have to sell a bunch of it on ebay. Yarn problem? Moi?
  8. Elliementary

    Pantomime Time

    If Julia thinks her outfit looks good, it's definitely time to pension her off. Hideous don't quite cover it.
  9. Elliementary


    So glad you've got him home. safe & sound, LATI. My mum was in the RVH in August, and came out worse than she went in! She vowed never to go back there. I live in Scotland, so I know how hard it is, not to be able to visit. Thank goodness for mobile phones!
  10. Elliementary


    When she wears her hair in a top-knot, she reminds me of Little My. I think she suits her hair lighter: the black is a bit harsh.
  11. Elliementary

    So Has Everyone Gone Home?

    Sad news for Carla.
  12. Elliementary

    Guests speaking to the camera

    Q used to sell Skagen watches, but I haven't seen them for quite a while.
  13. Elliementary


    That's appalling, Alter. The GP should be reported: I don't think they're allowed to refuse treatment, on the grounds of cost. Can he get a second opinion, or better still, a new GP?
  14. Elliementary

    New Member

    This one of Jasper, our younger cat cracks me up.
  15. Elliementary

    Yong Kim

    Is Evie still the BA? Has she dared leave QVC?
  16. Elliementary


    You should be on commission!
  17. Elliementary


    Is it the hand sanitiser you use, Alter? I've just placed my first order at Dew: hand san, disinfectant, degreaser, and one of the 'new' air freshener sprays. Looking forward to receiving them!
  18. Elliementary

    Social Media - That was an eyeopener

    She doesn't appear to have considered, that the boots might be for someone else. Or, the bed-bound lady might just like to look at what she considers to be gorgeous footwear. Perhaps she'll look at them for fifty days, and then return them!
  19. Elliementary

    Alison O’Reilly of Diamonique

    Thanks for that, Twilight. She looks amazing.
  20. Elliementary

    Alison O’Reilly of Diamonique

    What's her instagram address, please? I'd love to see the pics.