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  1. Topaz


    Everything has gone up - it's the VAT increase and the cost of living.
  2. Topaz

    A Reminder Why I Like QVC

    I ordered 4 items on Saturday which all arrived today and are great. I went out shopping last Thursday and came home exhausted after 5 hours not having found a single thing I was looking for, but having wasted petrol and parking charges. QED!
  3. Topaz

    Out With Anger - In With Love...

    Great, a few days without all the negativity. I haven't logged on for a while as I was finding it so depressing. So QVC ain't perfect but who is. It obviously does have a following, otherwise why are we all here - unless just to bitch, in which case I'm off again.
  4. Topaz

    QVCs Charlie Bears prices - RIDICULOUS - 'V' for value - don't think so!!!

    I'm a bit behind as I've not logged on for a few weeks. I'm totally p'd off with QVC as regards Charlie Bears. I've found over the last couple of shows that even when an item comes on air, many are still not accessible via the website, which is my preferred choice of ordering. I accept they...
  5. Topaz

    It's official .............

  6. Topaz

    has GC packed up his city shorts and birkis for good?

    I must be one of the few on this forum who like Glen. I met him once at a jewellery event. He was a real gentleman, very friendly and immaculately suited and booted! Where did you hear he was leaving?
  7. Topaz

    Where are my orders???

    I'm so pleased for you that she's finally reached home - so which of your boys is she flirting with?
  8. Topaz

    Where are my orders???

    Did she arrive over the weekend Tinaborder? I also have Kenny, Ainsley, Slothy Joe, Tiff Toff, Russ and Kojak. I really prefer the bigger bears, as Will does. I think Oakley will be my next, though I should consider getting another girl to balance the Hugg.
  9. Topaz

    Where are my orders???

    She is adorable. I nearly lost her round the office as everyone wanted a cuddle. Only problem is she's causing havoc at home, all my other CB's are boys and she's the only girl. At the moment she's cosying up to Diesal but both Seth and Malcolm are on the prowl!! I bet yours arrives today.
  10. Topaz

    EMU Boot TSV

    If anyone ordered the EMU Boot TSV on waitlist, I received an email this morning to say mine are on their way - earlier than expected!!
  11. Topaz

    Where are my orders???

    I'm sure the presenters on QVC can come up with lots of suggestions as to what you can give her......a LG bag maybe!! Tinaborder - Mercedes just arrived, looking a bit bewildered and grumpy, but she's here safe and sound, so I'm sure yours will be with you very soon.
  12. Topaz

    Where are my orders???

    I'm still waiting for my Charlie Bears TSV too and it was despatched on 30/11. I'm assuming the snow in the north (Liverpool?) is the reason. There have been all sorts of news reports about parcels building up in warehouses because the couriers/postal people can't get out on the roads. I'm...
  13. Topaz

    Odd bunch???

    I've not noticed any stigma attached to it and I've been buying from QVC for about 5-6 years. Personally I can't see any difference in buying from a shopping channel on TV to buying over the Internet, which seems to be one of today's most popular purchasing trends. At least if you watch a...
  14. Topaz

    QVC in the Daily Mail

    Probably Claire or possibly Catherine wearing her hair extensions.
  15. Topaz

    Lulu Guinness TSV

    I couldn't agree more Capirossi, it's your money you spend it how you like.
  16. Topaz


    Does anyone know the website ? It sounds like it's similar to Quidco and gives cashback if you register and buy through them. They are offering 2.5% on QVC goods and various amounts on lots of other high street stores. It almost seems to good to be true!
  17. Topaz

    Charlie Bears TSV Tues 30th November

    Thanks Tabs, I don't think they're for me either but they sound great Christmas pressies for new babies!!
  18. Topaz

    Charlie Bears TSV Tues 30th November

    What are the organics, don't think I know them?
  19. Topaz

    Charlie Bears TSV Tues 30th November

    Oakley's adorable. I've been after Diesel for ages but he always seems to be on waitlist. HOWEVER..... I went on the website this morning after reading some of these posts and he was available, so I ordered him. About half an hour later I went back on to have another look and every single...
  20. Topaz

    Worst QVC xmas gift

    One of those Margarine Burgerbar machines or a Dyson/Oreck Challenge!!