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  1. sublime

    Travel Sickness

    I have Meniere's disease, which is an inbalance of the middle ear, and I can feel travel sick lying down in bed. It's horrible, I know, and you have my sympathy, Akimbo. Here are my tried and trusty solutions: Ginger is fantastic. You can take it in form you like - fresh, and grated into stir...
  2. sublime

    My Horrible Boss

    On top of the excellent advice you've had here, could you turn the situation around by doing something positive? The next time you have a bright idea, do a great piece of work, or spot a way to save money, for example, take it straight to the MD. It shows that you have initiative and that you...
  3. sublime

    Garden Query

    Yep, you'll need a length of ordinary hosepipe leading from the outside tap to connect to the silver nozzle thingy. You might like to take the measurements, photograph the nozzle on your phone and ask at a garden centre or hardware store?? Hosepipes come in standard widths so it should be easy...
  4. sublime

    Garden Query

    Just check - and double check - it's not a gas pipe or electrical cable before you do anything else!! Otherwise, it may be an irrigation pipe - in which case, you've struck lucky. These were very popular a few years ago before we spent our summers being flooded out. They are lengths of...
  5. sublime

    Help!! Recommendations Please!!

    Just catching up with this thread. Wooh - the chance to plant up a sunny trough is wonderful! If the trough's big enough, then I'd go for hebes, too. If space is an issue, or you want something lower growing, then you might like to have a go at creating a sort of Mini-Med in a trough? There...
  6. sublime

    Blue Mascara

    Have you tried the new Max Factor Eye Brightening Tonal mascara in Sapphire Black? It's marketed as being for people with blue eyes. It's a dark navy, and a great mascara. I have thin, fair lashes, and it's about the only mascara I've found that gives long, thick lashes in a second. Oh, and...
  7. sublime

    Payers for my mum

    That's such good news, Yaz. Huge hugs to you and your mum and let's hope she makes the fastest possible recovery.
  8. sublime

    Plant food

    I really like Flower Power, I hope they haven't changed the formulation. What's your garden soil like, Autumn? It can make a big difference to how well a garden fertiliser works. [Damn - the line breaks won't work on this forum!! Sorry for the rubbish layout, here.] As a rule, if you're...
  9. sublime

    beauty bible tester

    Yep, I agree with Beakerange - go for it! Some of us have had pretty incredible ranges to try, well beyond anything we'd normally consider shelling out for, and when you're paying £30 for £200+ worth of skincare and make up, it's a bargain. You usually get 10 items for your £30, so paying £3...
  10. sublime

    Lily Beetles

    Blimey, Autumn, you do have an infestation! I've more or less given up on growing lilies, to be honest. Between lily beetles and discovering that the pollen is poisonous to cats, I think there are probably other things more suited to the time and space I've devoted to them. It's a touch sad...
  11. sublime

    Britain's Got Talent

    Completely agree, BL, I've forgotten the others already. I thought tonight's programme was a bit lack-lustre all round, really, as if they pulled out the stops for the first episode of the series and we'll be stuck watching mediocre acts for weeks, now. Hope I'm wrong - BGT is my guilty secret...
  12. sublime

    Lily Beetles

    Unfortunately, there isn't a commercially available pesticide which will see off lily beetles, so you have to be eagle eyed for those bright red beetles, and squash 'em. When you spot the beetles, you have to be quick at catching them, too, because they drop, upside down, on to the soil and...
  13. sublime

    Where to send unwanted/unused beauty items

    I think Women's Aid, Shelter etc is a great idea. Just as an alternative, my mum in law was in hospital on a ward for Alzheimer's patients, many of them very elderly. There was a notice up asking visitors for donations of toiletries and tights for the ladies, as many of them had no family...
  14. sublime

    Zero Coke Advert - really irresponsible

    It just seems a weird concept to promote any product that way. You can't really imagine McDonalds popping up to tell everyone they're actually tucking into flame-grilled horse meat, can you?
  15. sublime

    Unwashed for twelve weeks!

    There's another way of looking at it, ppc, in that if the Philpotts appeal against their sentences, they can try to claim that the judge was swayed by adverse media publicity, that the sentence was a knee jerk reaction, etc, etc. If the judge can show that she's taken time to carefully consider...
  16. sublime

    Unwashed for twelve weeks!

    What's hacking me off about this case is that now, Philpott's being held up as a prime example of 'Benefits Britain'. There are hundreds of thousands of people who live on benefit, but they remain perfectly decent, law abiding folk. Twisting this story and using benefit claimants as political...
  17. sublime

    0/10 for effort - possibly the worst phishing email ever!

    Blimey. I just had to share this totally rubbish phishing email, which has just popped up in my inbox. I actually laughed, it's so bad. You don't need me to tell you not to click on the link, do you?! <TBODY> <TBODY> <TBODY> <TBODY> Dear Customer, <TBODY> Your Current...
  18. sublime


    I do agree about the original Kindle being easier to read in the sun, but if you turn the brightness down on the Kindle Fire it helps a lot. A non-reflective screen film protective thingy helps, too.
  19. sublime


    Well, Weathergirl, I bought the Kindle keyboard, and then the Kindle Fire when it was released last October. Although I really love the original Kindle, I wholeheartedly recommend the Kindle Fire. Of course you can read books on it, but mine also holds music, films, photos, documents, games...
  20. sublime

    I Need a Sunscreen!

    I'm so happy I'm not the only person who couldn't bear Liz Earle sunscreen! Everyone else seemed to be raving about it and it was like smearing semi-set cement on your face. Beauty Bible Testing sent me the Nivea Sun Spray to try, a couple of years ago. It was brilliant and so I've been using...