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    argh ! i have really had enough now

    I have had the same problem when I have bid on something and then gone to check out and the item isn't in my basket. I think that people are phoning in at the same time and also allocated the same item (even though the screen is telling us all the items have been allocated). There must be a...
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    Messages for Calico

    Hi Calico You may not remember me, but I certainly remember you, steadfast buyer of some of the loveliest pieces of jewellery - maybe wearing some of them will help boost your spirits. I'm so sorry to hear about your pain etc, and even though there's nothing, physically, I can do to help, I...
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    Web Problems?

    Me too - getting the 404 error message - hopefully they will post on here or facebook to let us know what's going on hint hint lol
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    Tourmaline question

    I thought paraiba tourmaline had to have a specific chemical composition (ie certain amount of copper etc) in order to be called paraiba. If it is slightly 'off' then it can't be called paraiba. However, I'm sure Meeshoo will be able to give you the correct answer.
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    Driving me ****** "Bonkers"

    I'm very pleased that the word 'grammage' is not being used anymore - I did look it up a while ago and I think it's something to do with material - not gold, silver etc. It must be extremely difficult to come up with different words when you are talking for 2 - 3 hours about the same topic...
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    He is grinding my gears!

    To answer your question Lee - he was a radio presenter before he came to Rockstv. Does that help you at all??
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    Blah Blah Blah

    Well Debsie you certainly managed to turn the thread around with just a few words - well done. The tone just changed with your appearance and is now following a positive thread - see it can be done, and any one person can do it with just a few well chosen words. Maybe this one can continue...
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    Blah Blah Blah

    Personally, I think it is a nice gesture on the part of the presenter to introduce the rest of the 'team' - they are not the only person working, and we do tend to see, or hear other people, names mentioned during the day, so it is nice to know who they are talking about. It also draws the...
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    Changes to the chat

    Thanks John I use IE7 and, just to keep people updated, someone has discovered that even though you can't see the 'switch room' toggle, if you put your mouse cursor at the very top of the first piece of chat you can see, and move the cursor around slowly, on the right hand side, it may well...
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    Hi guys

    Hi Daz Really great to see you back - and buying!!! - hope you are feeling better, and well on the way to full recovery. I certainly missed you during Steve's gemstone hours, but it'll be great to see you back. I know I don't join in chat very much (in fact VERY little), but I'm ALWAYS...
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    Chit Chat Room is Back!!!

    I've just had an email from John Bennett to say that the chat isn't loading at the moment, he's going to see Andy to get it fixed...hopefully
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    Chit Chat Room is Back!!!

    Steve has just announced on Jamie's session that the second chat room is coming back - as we speak. It will work as before and the gallery will, if they feel it necessary, move comments into the chit chat room as they feel appropriate. Well done Steve, Sarah and the team, something has...
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    Welcome Sarah!!

    A humungous welcome from me to - demon lurker - always watching, and listening, whilst working. Amazing start with your reference to the cover of Steve's book - so funny. Brilliant session, funny, calm, knowledgeable and brilliant presenting. A great addition to the team, looking forward...
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    Banned from Rocks TV

    I totally agree with you PR - and, I have to say that whilst I am lurking and looking - yes, at the whingeing - I often see you pop up and defend Rockstv - I have to say I've been VERY tempted to dive in as well, but too busy to get involved at the moment. I mean to say, who in their right...
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    Banned from Rocks TV

    I have to say that for a lot of people the chat room is a big draw for Rockstv. There are a lot of people who are at home all day, and find that they can be very long, and sometimes not too inspiring. So, having the chat room is one way of bringing more people into their day. I hope I'm not...
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    Banned from Rocks TV

    Well, got to add my 'bit'. I don't post very much at all in chat, these days - but I am a huge 'lurker'. I have rockstv on ALL the time at work, with the sound on, and I hop in and out constantly - if I hear something lovely being described, and just to see what is going on. I have...
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    For Our Daz

    Hi Daz I'd heard you were in hospital, really, really hope you are on the road to recovery - I've heard it's covered in gems (not yellow bricks...pah!!!). Can't wait to have you back - someone to race against in getting the 1 only gems. Steve's been going mad with his gem hours - I bought...
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    Vinapris ii

    Great Hijack lol
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    how is this different

    I spend more time lurking than chatting. When I first started I chatted a lot, but I'm having to spend more time working now - lol. I have NOT been there since the beginning, in fact I have no idea when I did start but it's well over 1 year now anyway. Having been there quite a long time...
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    Moonstone fan club!

    I have a bracelet and a really big moonstone pendant from Rockstv, which I wear all the time. The schiller (sp??) is amazing and I absolutely adore them!!! Can't wait to get some more. Actually, the lobster claw clasp has become detached from the bracelet - very strange indeed. So, not...