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  1. argeybargey

    On an itchy note!

    The little beggars don't live on humans but definitely hitch rides on us. I haven't had an animal for about three years now but found a flea on my bed. Can you imagine my horror when I went to brush away a little black fleck and it started to jump about and it didn't occur tom me that it was...
  2. argeybargey

    Kind of excitement one can do without...

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt=""...
  3. argeybargey

    Guest's name? Can't think why you're asking FW :wink: xxxxxxxxxxx
  4. argeybargey

    Gems tv Germany

    As far as JM is concerned, here would be a nice start. xxxxxxxxxxx
  5. argeybargey

    Gems tv Germany

    I don't know if it's the same for Gems, but on JM when you go to check the progress of your orders you get "Keine Bestellungen". You'd think they'd spend some money on their lousy IT before continuing with world domination. xxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. argeybargey

    I's bin to the fair today

  7. argeybargey

    Pet Insurance ... yes or no?

    Without insurance I'd have been right up the Suwannee and my sweet Rosie (RIP) would never have made it to a good age. I hadn't had her a year even, when she was bitten on the belly by a snake (yeah), and got a horrendous mammary infection. I had no idea it had happened until overnight she had...
  8. argeybargey

    Does My Bum Look Big In This?

    Oh Meg! I know it feels like it, but not everything is about you, just most things. xxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. argeybargey

    Does My Bum Look Big In This?

    Megsie dear, no self-respecting puss should be asking for structions on meece/fishy hunting. You've been spending too much time in the orifice watching the pooter instead of racing around and doing poopies in the neighbours gardens - this is much better for your mam. xxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. argeybargey


    I like Carol a lot, she makes me laugh but VC drives me round the twist. The Bond thing was just totally embarrassing and I reckon she sees us as an udience of children. Simply awful! xxxxxxxxxx
  11. argeybargey

    Does My Bum Look Big In This?

    Oh Megsie, I could just give you a great big squeeze. I had trout stuffed with prawns for my dins tonight, so here's a big fishy kissy-wissy. xxxxxxxxxxx
  12. argeybargey

    April Jones

    Thanks Vampy, yes I had misunderstood. I'm really much relieved to know that the locals aren't forking out to feed the rubber-kneckers. I wouldn't begrudge the professionals any comfort either, and would probably have a kettle permanently on the boil myself. xxxxxxxxxxx PS You'll probably...
  13. argeybargey

    Does My Bum Look Big In This?

    A salutory tale in pictures for you Fluffybum xxxxxxxx :-
  14. argeybargey

    April Jones

    Blimey an appeal for money for the family, money to feed the people coming in and hampering the police, despite the now numerous requests that they keep away. What is this? A misunderstanding of what and where Oktoberfest is? xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  15. argeybargey

    April Jones

    The Suzy Lamplugh Trust was set up by her mother, in memory of her daughter, specifically to aid others in personal safety and self protection and she has worked tirelessly for the Trust. A very different type of cause. xxxxxxxxxxx
  16. argeybargey

    Does My Bum Look Big In This?

    C'mon Fluffybum, leave the poor little meeces alone and get yer rod out (good job yer a girlie or I'd be in hot water for rudery). xxxxxxxx
  17. argeybargey

    How adorable is this little fella

    I heard this morning that folk who look at pictures of puppies, etc. work harder than others. This forum must be a slave market in that case - lol. xxxxxxxxxxxx
  18. argeybargey

    Amazing power of the human mind

    I can't believe they've had to research this. I've known reading is simply word recognition for as long as I can recall, and I think it's why we so often don't spot our own misspellings/typos. I don't think I'm brainy, it's just that I can't believe the money that gets thrown at research...
  19. argeybargey

    April Jones

    Can anyone please explain to me why a fund has been set up for the family? xxxxxxxxxx
  20. argeybargey

    Ellis Ward joins TJC

    I happened to tune in this morning just as Ellis was flogging an angel. I haven't seen such an embarrassing and sickening show of insincere sincerity in many a year. Absolutely awful, turned over immediately but it's haunting me. xxxxxxxxx