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  1. Capture King

    Rachel Pierman

    She used to fill in for Alex Lovell on Brainteaser, then she went on to do the Holiday Channels, it's good to see Rachel back on the Tv again.
  2. Capture King

    2 new QVC presenters

    Lets just hope Carmel never sells a Camera, because she always extends the "A" and it comes out as Cameraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! which is very annoying.
  3. Capture King

    JR & Pilates

    Women of that age should keep their legs firmly closed lol
  4. Capture King

    What should QVC's new years resolutions be?

    Get rid of the out dated presenters (thats all of them)
  5. Capture King

    More used good - disgusted!

  6. Capture King

    JR writing a book

    She's writing a book on how to get a perfect 10 figure, just like the one shes had for 40+ years!! :mysmilie_701:
  7. Capture King

    Claire Sutton...

    Holly Willoughby is the same, it's like she's talking to a child the way she speaks to people. Holly and Claire make my mute button work overtime lol
  8. Capture King

    Acer TSV - any ideas?

    Acer are crap in my opinion,I know loads of people that have had numerous problems with Acer Laptops and they all say Customer Service is appalling too.
  9. Capture King

    Nope,I knew what it meant but Loops beat me to the answer.So just thought I'd post a humorous link on the subject instead.
  10. Capture King

    this is farting lmfao.
  11. Capture King

    Gemma Hadley

    Gemma Hadley is beginning to annoy me with the way she strings out her "ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss" at the end of some sentences or should that be sentencessssssssssssssssss!
  12. Capture King

    Panasonic recorder today's TSV

    Yes, very similar, just minus the SD card reader.New Chroma Processor, WMA Playback.
  13. Capture King

    Panasonic recorder today's TSV

    Well the Blu-Ray one is £710 with 250GB HDD with Freesat. Don't you need to install a Freesat Dish in order to be able to pick up the Freesat channels?
  14. Capture King

    Panasonic recorder today's TSV

    goto, it's £10 cheaper plus FREE P&P (if you are in a position to pay in full) In the last 6 weeks I've bought 2 Panasonic DVD...
  15. Capture King

    Debbie Shore

    Check Debbie out 22yr ago on CITV - 21/12/1987 and 23/12/1987 (starts around 40 seconds into 1st clip and 1min 25 seconds into 2nd clip) <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen"...
  16. Capture King

    £88 for a...Pen!

    for that price id want atleast 5 years worth of refills.
  17. Capture King

    David Ades!!!

    Oh No,Thought he had gone to pastures new and left Tv Land Forever!!!!