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    Julia's health scare

    I’m afraid it is true, I knew of two alcoholics and both got a very high rate of benefits, we surmised it was so they drunk themselves to death quicker ! Although another one, a functioning alcoholic didn’t, but then she inherited a good sum of money and between the very heavy smoking and...
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    Bareminerals TSV 07/11/21

    I didn’t go for it, fed up of the lip gloss’s I hate that sticky feeling. I use medium beige and I did buy on offer at Q, medium for a try. But the TSV was boring, so didn’t bother. I miss the presentations with SJ, it definitely was presented better and she gave good tips,.
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    Julia's health scare

    I meant to say, from that one slow developing cancer, Waldenstrom’s she developed the MDS and from that the AML, but she kept going, I still can’t believe what she went through, but my dad used to say when she was younger ‘she’s like an old cart horse. She just keeps going’ ! We’re Irish lol...
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    Julia's health scare

    My mom had MDS, which the literature they give you, mentions CML and others, I think they are similar but obviously not the same. My mother got MDS from having a rare cancer Waldenstrom, which they believe is genetic, as it’s rare we had to research from America. Her brother had it too, and...
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    Hermes delivery problems...a warning

    My Hermes driver is really good, but I’ve noticed that their information is all over the place, I had a message that my delivery was delayed till next day, it then turned up twenty minutes later! This has happened quite a few times now, where the messages don’t match the the times of delivery...
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    Debbie Flint on the news.

    I know from a disability site, that it’s the legacy benefits that never received it, but nothing would surprise me with the way this has worked out. The court case is unbelievable, no explanation just cancelled, no judge ! More like they didn’t want a judge to be available and to actually use...
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    Debbie Flint on the news.

    Can I just point out to you, that people on old school benefits, do not get the uplift of £20, so if you’re on ESA, nothing, nada, Zilch ! So what about those people, they’ve had less since last year, there was supposed to be a court case in September but it was cancelled as there wasn’t a judge...
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    Philosophy Purity Fans

    Thanks 😊
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    Missing Gems tv presenters

    I’ve just seen in gems tv, it said Derek Marks, on the schedule, did he go back to Gens ?, I liked Derek, I’ll always remember him dressed as a elf ? Near Christmas, which suggested he didn’t take himself too seriously
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    What’s happened to Jill?

    Wished I’d never read that I’m in tears! So glad there was a little justice done.
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    Monsoon TSV 18/3/21

    Blimey, the stuff I got in the sale in Beautiful, that’s awful and yes it does look like what you’d see a bank clerk wearing, sort of late 80’s early 90’s, oh dear :(
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    Molton Brown TSV 06/03/21

    I would have liked to try the new one :(
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    Monsoon TSV 18/3/21

    I got loads in their sale, needed some nice black for my mother’s funeral, got 60% off. Beautiful quality, unfortunately nothing went back :(. But I wanted to look my best for mom, she would have approved, so no guilt at the spending!
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    Tili Box Launches 9am 30th January

    Oh god I put it on wait list, now I’m wondering if it will be a used return :(
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    Tili Box Launches 9am 30th January

    I tried to order the Tili at around 10.45 and says it’s sold out, but i could go on wait list!
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    Molton Brown New Fragrance Lily & Magnolia

    Well I love Dewy lily, so do most of the people I know, but would like to smell it before I jump in m.
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    Skechers TSV 18/12/20

    Strange, just looked up something and a blog site came up called ‘complete feet’ and it talks about Sketchers being really bad for your feet and body. I’ve wore padders trainers with memory foam, they looked and felt nice, but after a couple of hours I’m in agony and not just my feet ! I admit...
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    Jemma Forte - Brand Ambassador, Political Editor or ????

    Thanks Evie, what I’ve realised is how much, people do care, even strangers, will be helpful, when they know your difficult position, I often have to change things around and when I tell them why, you find people can’t be kind enough! It gives you faith in humanity.
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    Jemma Forte - Brand Ambassador, Political Editor or ????

    I feel for you both, my mother is dying at the moment, she got a very rare blood cancer nearly eight years ago, Waldenstroms, her kidneys suddenly started to fail, then three years ago she developed MDS, because she had the First one, and now she’s gone to AML, her white blood count on Monday...