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  1. Paul_s

    Ordissimo Laptop ... are they having a laugh? Looks ****** awful Graham. I wouldn't pay more than £60 just going off the build quality and specification. Remind me of the Fizzbook laptops ( Those were...
  2. Paul_s

    Random musings and general banter.

    Only until recently I found out that Shaun and Hayley were a couple. Then had a random thought this morning involving Roofix and a Dormeo mattress....
  3. Paul_s

    Peter Simon

    ***Press Release regarding Peter Simon Esq.*** A late night showing of Ideal World in September with Peter Simon, viewed by 10 million Ideal World Shoppers drew several complaints regarding a Mattress and Eastern Europeans. After a full, biased investigation we've found Peter Simon innocent of...
  4. Paul_s

    Random musings and general banter.

    I do hope our Janice was communicating to you on her pre-loved iPad 3 in a French Coffee Shop with a string of onions wrapped around her neck.
  5. Paul_s

    Returns period

    Ideal World were in the consumer complaints column in The Sun (On Sunday) newspaper a few weeks ago with someone asking the same question. Apparently your consumer rights trump those of Ideal Worlds return policy. And the complainant got a refund after that interventation.
  6. Paul_s

    Ideal World put up for sale

    now that Aurelius are in the driving seat will they reissue the Peter Simon figurine? (Gold plated this time?)
  7. Paul_s

    Peter Simon

    Please, if I get to the stage of not completing sentences and forgetting peoples names - place a pillow over my face.
  8. Paul_s

    X-Ultimate Pro Drone. New kind of GPS?

    I love how they compare the onboard 'HD' camera with that of their own studio camera's. Yes, that's correct a £100 drone is comparable to that of a £35K television studio camera.
  9. Paul_s

    Being treated like idiots by gem presenters

    They should contact James Russell - the king of Tanzanite selling techniques. From closed mines and Indiana Jones being the sole miner as it's such a rare and impossible gem to get hold of. Anyone remember the VT on with the walking giraffes and Peter Simon's eulogy to go along with it?
  10. Paul_s

    The Continuing Downward Slide of TJC

    I'm fairly new to TJC and have only started watching over the past couple of weeks - I enjoyed watching at first but then 'buying' team members appeared alongside presenters and other nonsense started happening. It does remind me of Bid but in a less showy way. I'm sure I spotted a
  11. Paul_s

    Getting to know Peter Simon

    Why do I have this horrible feeling that PS will somehow, one day receive an MBE or OBE? I'm not sure for what exactly but it's a recurring nightmare of seeing him on BBC One outside the Palace...
  12. Paul_s

    Linda Lusardi - still no mention of your ultratherapy?

    Actually it kind of reminds me of this from Bid many moons ago... if you're going the whole hog then just change the filtering of the whole picture to make the results look even more awesome! :mysmilie_59: (the stuff on Bid was obviously radioactive or something as it affected the whole set)
  13. Paul_s

    Linda Lusardi - still no mention of your ultratherapy?

    This sort of product would be in Harrods, Selfridges, Kensington Palace and Oxford Street if Peter Simon were showcasing on Bid :mysmilie_59: It would make the woman of a woman! Marketing B$ with a capital B. :mysmilie_51:
  14. Paul_s

    Random musings and general banter.

    the end is nigh :mysmilie_3:
  15. Paul_s

    Better Than New Year food expensive rubbish

    farmers market + decent cookery book = cheap/healthy meals without all the nonsense processed food ingredients = weight loss (unless baking a cake a day :mysmilie_5: ) Kill 2 birds with one stone :mysmilie_46:
  16. Paul_s

    Random musings and general banter.

    I see IW have granted permission to Peter Simon for his old entrance routine in the form of Larry Grayson. What next? Showgirls and Barry Manilow?
  17. Paul_s

    Ideal World

    I said this on the Bid forum a few years ago.... but give it 2 - 3 years. The same applies here. Whilst Ideal World pretty much toe the line when it comes to regulations/Ofcom there's only so much the public can take :) Bid had the fortune of actually being entertaining although they were...
  18. Paul_s

    Hayley Green, tw@ of the year? Most out of place sales angle?

    Hayley's in the same boat as Dennice Robinson (fake, Bid-style B$ presentation style, dodgy smile etc) :wave::mysmilie_51:.
  19. Paul_s

    Random musings and general banter.

    Don't worry about our Lisa. She's been on a 'Lemon' detox (why anyone would deny their body essential nutrients etc from food I'll never understand - if you want to 'detox' just cut out the processed foods!). I've posted Day 1 below (26 hours in... if you check out Update 7 she looks like...
  20. Paul_s

    Finally had enough!!

    According to her profile on Ideal World's website... and I quote; Is it me or does Dennice have that type of voice where it sounds like she's talking through a cardboard kitchen roll? I was just saying to my mum the other night that I actually miss Bid (for all the wrong reasons) but it seems...