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  1. Twirl58

    Top twenty best winter coats

    Oh I see 😄 I have been to the dentist this afternoon so blame that for my stupidity.
  2. Twirl58

    Carole Hochman?

    I love my granny nighties from Amazon in the winter and cotton nighties from ebay in the summer. I am looking to replace the summer ones purely because I have got fed up with them because I have had them for ages.
  3. Twirl58

    Top twenty best winter coats

    I have actually passed on a coat to both of my Twirlettes. 1 was because I had lost weight and the coat was too big and Twirlette 1 was in need of a coat. She did wear it as well. Twirlette 2 had 1 of my parkas after she had given birth to her first son and didn't have a winter coat that she...
  4. Twirl58

    Bundleberry by Amanda Holden TSV 16/11/21

    That would make it quite limited in where you could put it though wouldn't it?
  5. Twirl58

    Top twenty best winter coats

    Well since youngest Twirlette married and moved out I inherited her large double wardrobe in the, now, spare room. Plus our house is a very old terraced house that has rather grandly named walk in wardrobes in both bedrooms. Which reminds me that I also have a leather coat, a suede coat, a very...
  6. Twirl58

    Top twenty best winter coats

    I too have loads of coats from a denim jacket, biker jacket, a couple of parkas, duffel coat, Regatta winter coat, Regatta rain jacket and rain coat with detachable quilted lining that can be worn as a jacket. A couple of "smart" wool winter coats that were absolute bargains, one was half price...
  7. Twirl58

    Fifty Thousand??

    I must admit that I would love to try the Airwrap but would never pay that price. Besides I have had 3 Dyson vacuum cleaners and the first one was brilliant. It has had a new belt, bin and cable but still works fine. The second one is the one with the ball on the front but it is so heavy and I...
  8. Twirl58

    Tat sellers having babies

    My first grandson was 9 pounds and his baby brother was 11 pounds 8 ounces!
  9. Twirl58

    Hotel Chocolat TSV 09/11/21

    Youngest Twirlette took me to Bluewater a couple of weeks ago and she was most disappointed that we weren't offered a sample in store. I thought that it was because of the restrictions plus it would be difficult to eat wearing a mask 🙄 Personally I don't know what all the fuss is about, give me...
  10. Twirl58

    Wynne lounge

    When I worked in "ladies fashion" we had 2 collections per year- spring /summer and autumn /winter. This usually consisted of a couple of shirts in 4 colours, matching trousers and camisole. A couple of printed dresses in the summer, a cardigan/jumper and suiting. All in the same colour palette...
  11. Twirl58

    Cozy Home Challenge

    Good grief 🤦🏽‍♀️
  12. Twirl58


    Mum used to make me have short hair and when she washed it over the kitchen sink it felt like she was wearing rubber gloves! Oh it was so painful.
  13. Twirl58

    Wynne lounge

    And don't forget that while Marla is beavering away in her garage making these collectable items she thoughtfully tacks the label in so that we can remove it easily.
  14. Twirl58

    Oh for pity’s sake!

    When I wrap anything it looks like fish and chips - "salt and vinegar with that?"
  15. Twirl58

    Email Contact Discontinued

    In a follow up to my original post youngest Twirlette thinks that the reason that I have been banned is because I put photos of Milo on FB and it is a touch of the Mrs Slocombes - photos of my p***y! 😄
  16. Twirl58

    Email Contact Discontinued

    Oh dear I do hope that you are alright, if I were still on Twitter I could ask one of my followers to help you as I am sure that one of them must be an eminent physician or something.
  17. Twirl58

    Email Contact Discontinued

    Yes I did wonder about that. I don't remember it being that difficult before. I have just deactivated my Twitter as well as I have 2 more American chaps, allegedly, following me as well 🙄
  18. Twirl58

    Email Contact Discontinued

    I actually joined Facebook on Monday for this precise reason as an awful lot of companies are telling you to contact them through their "socials" I first tried to reactivate my old account that I closed 6 years ago but needed photo ID which I don't have. So I opened a new account and by...
  19. Twirl58

    Random musings and general banter.

    Thanks for the reply. Bit like a Build a Bear 😄
  20. Twirl58

    Random musings and general banter.

    I have to admit that I fell for the hype and bought a Gamages watch from TJC last year for Mr Twirl for Christmas. I opted for the 3 instalments and the first payment was taken immediately. When the order confirmation email arrived it stated that it would be despatched within 16 days, there was...