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  1. Mathilda

    Gold price falling

    So, the gold price is falling - anyone noticed any mention of this by any jewellers, whether in shops or on TV? :doh: No, I didn't think so - and the average gold weight in items recently from the TV channels could scarcely get any less, so I was kind of hoping for an increase there! :headbang...
  2. Mathilda

    Who is this presenter?

    Thank you, Sazza.:happy: Hannah doesn't appear on air, does she?
  3. Mathilda

    Who is this presenter?

    Who is this presenter ? I'll try to remember how to attach a screen grab - but in case I can't, here's a "description": he's got sausage fingers with none-too neat nails and cuticles, a beard and is somewhat tubby. He is not Matt Bennett, nor Barry.... anyone able to tell me who he is?
  4. Mathilda

    My Grandma Bad News

    Coming very late to this sad news, Ian - but I am very sorry for your loss. M
  5. Mathilda

    Is it just me ........... ?

    Hello Graham, I've not been logged in for awhile but I am here today and still finding a page full of adverts, both at the top of each page and between each post. Is that what I should be seeing as a VIP member?
  6. Mathilda


    The idea is a good one - but it seems they are having trouble with the timing of deliveries. I got a call back on a piece I had wish-listed with the offer of it as it had become available in Creation - that was on the 23rd May - I'm told I can expect it around the 20th June....... :wonder:
  7. Mathilda

    Jeanne Beker - Fashion

    Thanks, SCW- you rock! M
  8. Mathilda

    Very happy with Glenn Lehrer ring

    I've been reading these posts ... and Meeshoo's thread about her Lehrer purchases with interest. I really did think that the issue of chipped stone, "wonky bottoms" and some wishy washy pieces on air had put me off trying the range. knew that was coming didn't you? :blush: I saw the...
  9. Mathilda

    QVC Website

    Thank you, Sazza..... much appreciated. M
  10. Mathilda

    QVC Website

    Can anyone tell me what the email address for QVC customer services is, please? I have not been able to accesss more than the home page of the website for weeks now ... no matter what browser I use. All I get is a generic holding page..... I'm getting fed up and I can't be the only one...
  11. Mathilda

    A quick question please

    Crikey, I've got three sheds and three greenhouse.... decorating that lot would bankrupt me! ...And probably crash the national grid!
  12. Mathilda

    Qvc website

    It's been like that for me for days now.... they're losing business!
  13. Mathilda


    Most "tin" cans today are made of aluminium and plastic coated inside. A very few have tin-plated steel lids. So wearing a "tin can" isn't even loosely analogous to wearing pewter !! I saw a pair of pewter earrings being sold with little emeralds in....... but there was no mention, I don't...
  14. Mathilda

    More missing stones

    Hi, Wireless.... looking at the photo, those stones are not actually missing... they just look like they are because the quality of them is so awful.:wonder: I admit the photo is pretty bad but that is just a black hole in the stones refusing to bounce back any light.... yuck! Not sure it...
  15. Mathilda

    The computer won't let us ..

    Ah, now I find him......... I've been looking for my somwhat political youth everywhere... I might have known you'd nobbled 'im, Arge! Sent 'im back here, sharpish.... and pay the return postage!
  16. Mathilda

    New gold advert

    Apologies for bumpingthis thread again but I was watching today and just had to make a post! This "method" that Gems ( and previously RocksTV) use for calcutaling " the price of gold is so ridiculous that I have not bothered to comment before now but I see that it is still being trotted out...
  17. Mathilda

    Gems Detectives - help needed identifying a stone please?

    I've tried looking through my order history, Meeshoo..... it's a VERY long list! I'm shocked to see just how many pages it covers.... suffice it to say several trees would have to die to print it out- I have used Gems a lots over the years for gifts galore and for myself.... didn't realise...
  18. Mathilda

    Gems Detectives - help needed identifying a stone please?

    Jantaculum, unless I am much mistaken this pendant has a black spinel as its main stone. I am pretty sure it is the same one I bought on behalf of a friend a while ago, to go with a ring she had. The receipt and card went to her, of course and she's now in Shanghai, so not of much help in...
  19. Mathilda

    Do you trust what you're being told?

    I rather think that a link to this article was posted in these pages a long time ago, but it may be pertinent to repeat it : ... this is an article from the "Colored Stone" website, entitled " Giving orange a bad name" it's from...
  20. Mathilda

    Do you trust what you're being told?

    I'm another one with several "padparadscha" sapphires from Gems.... Some I am extrememly suspicious of, from Madagascar and others that I have fewer worries about, from Ceylon. The whole business of these stones, the diamond treatments and ruby treatments really sickens me. Good to have...