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    Kipling TSV 26/3/24

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    White Stuff TSV 11/03/24

    I love White Stuff and buy mostly direct from the company. However if this is the TSV it won’t be falling into my basket. It’s awful 😳
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    Cooks Essentials TSV 10/01/24

    The Lakeland one is currently in their sale for £79.99.
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    Dress Sense

    He’s also modeling for the Seasalt webpage
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    Bobbi Brown TSV 11/10/23

    £70 ish
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    WynneLayers TSV 01/09/23

    This is the Costco look a like I mentioned earlier
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    WynneLayers TSV 01/09/23

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    WynneLayers TSV 01/09/23

    Costco sell something like this every winter in several patterns. I can’t remember how much it was as it’s not something I’d ever wear. I’m guessing about £35 and they always have loads reduced after Christmas
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    White Stuff 27/7/23

    Well mine arrived yesterday and it’s already on the way back. The sleeves were huge and the pattern overwhelming. It has disappeared from both the QVC and White Stuff websites so nobody can leave a review.😳
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    Malissa J Fashion TSV 25/07/23

    When you look at it online a banner comes up saying 127 people have ordered it today. In the whole of the UK only 127!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    White Stuff 27/7/23

    It’s £55 on white Stuff site and they have three of the colours shown. The navy seems to be the QVC exclusive.
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    Ninja TSV 10/6/23

    It’s £199 on the Ninja site just now so QVC won’t really be a bargain if they sell it at the same price as last time.
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    Ninja TSV 09/05/23

    I have four of the frying pans which I bought directly from Ninja and can recommend them if you are thinking about buying. Absolutely nothing sticks to them and they just wipe clean as advertised . Although dishwasher safe I hand wash/wipe out as it saves space in the dishwasher. They work on my...
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    White Stuff.

    Like you I compare prices around the various stockists as they can vary greatly. The only time I have bought from QVC is when they are in an ‘exclusive’ colour/pattern which I like x
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    TKMAXX have loads in stock for £19.99 just now
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    Ninja TSV 18/2/23

    I think if you have a foodi you don’t really need a Speedi as it does almost the same minus pressure cooking. I read lots of posts on Facebook where people are scared to use the pressure cook function and this would be a great alternative for them.
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    Wolf TSV 27/7/22

    What do Wolf make?
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    White Stuff TSV 15/3/22

    I wear mostly White Stuff and their sales are frequent. Many of the new arrivals on QVC are already reduced in their sale. I really don’t like the TSV there are so many much nicer clothes they sell. I’ve noticed that they seem to make items in a different colour just for QVC, sometimes nicer but...
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    White Stuff TSV 15/3/22

    There is a pale blue version of this jumper in the sale on White Stuff website for £35
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    Ninja TSV 31/10/21

    People have been ordering it direct from ninja for weeks at the higher price. It goes out of stock frequently but has been available and has reviews on ninja Facebook groups from members who have one.