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    Eating Food on Live TV

    I find Andi Peters to be so rude especially to the guests, he tries to make out that it’s a joke but I don’t think it is.
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    Someone please gag Chloe

    OMG I’ve not watched QVC for ages and while channel hopping I landed on the overpriced Marla Wynne show being presented by Chloe. I do wish she‘d give her mouth a rest, she interrupts the guest, talks over them and is just very rude. I also heard her say when an item came on “this is the first...
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    Just caught a bit of the Skechers show - heard the demonstrator say if you are a half size go down yet the trainer concerned was available in half sizes. Why make half sizes then or am I missing something?
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    Kipling TSV 10/03/23

    Who would pay the regular price for that bag £78, and how can they justify that price?
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    What does she look like?

    Watching the Everyday Jones hour & what the heck does Chloe look like, looks to me as if she’s just come straight from a military obstacle course.
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    Wynne Layers TSV 9/02/23

    How comes we never see Marla on her shows? I can’t believe people are paying the money for her overpriced clothes.
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    I always chuckle when they say if you buy another of a particular item you get 1/2 price p&p. Yeah only if it’s the same colour or size.
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    Katie Pullinger

    I didn’t realise how tall Katie is until I saw her on the Kipling show with Marie Francoise. It looked like Land of the Giants.
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    Xmas food - mainly pies

    I’d pay double that if George Clooney delivered them. 🤣🤣
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    Xmas food - mainly pies

    I can’t believe the price of the postage for the food, an £18 cake, selection of Godminster cheese about £27 & Nana Lily’s Chutneys about £26 postage on all 3 is £5.95 yet Philip Schofield’s Gin advent calendar costing £95 only £3.95 postage. What planet are they on?
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    Absence of US brand owners

    If they had the designers over here the amount of air time Marla Wynne has she’d never leave. Same as Ruth Langford, just as well she lives here.
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    L’Occitane hand cream- how many?

    How many more times in 30 minutes does Alexis have to tell us that every 3 seconds a Shea butter hand cream is sold around the world? They were also selling an 8 piece mens set for £29, first she said 3 items cost £24.50 then it was £24, then JF said £24 - come on get your facts straight.
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    Can anyone remember the name of the model who used to do the Butler & Wilson shows with Ali, she had long hair.?
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    Hotel Chocolat TSV 8/11/22

    I bought last year’s chocolat offering and wasn’t at all impressed with them. I had reason to contact Hotel Chocolat and mentioned to them that I was disappointed at the selection and the taste of some of them, they sent me a free selector bar of my choice.
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    Same old, same old

    Is anyone else fed up with the same old stuff they pedal at Christmas? Andi Peters food fest - same old suppliers - and selling a box of cupcakes and charging £5.95 postage Muk Luks Cozee Home Usually the company selling torches And many others that I can’t remember the names of.
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    QVC Christmas song!

    The word “gifting” annoys me especially when JF says it.
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    Presenters stating the obvious

    Just caught a bit of the Loungewear show with Chloe discussing the fabric of the leggings. She came out with the comment- “ it’s going to get cold from Nov” really!!!
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    Annaliese has she left?

    Just caught a bit of Lorraine on tv and the stylist discussing jeans is Annaliese.
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    Festive Food TSV 21/09/22

    I feel the same about Chloe, she talks over the guests and how many more times is she going to mention having a 10 week old baby in the house.
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    Festive Food TSV 21/09/22

    A reasonable price but £5.95 postage. REALLY!!!!!!!