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    Lock & Lock TSV 15/7/24

    Would they be too light/thin to use on induction without buckling? Depends on how high you whack hob up I suppose. Ours is the opposite. Indian in plastic, Chinese in foil. Both leak for me so I keep a small collapsible laundry basket in the car that fits snuggly behind the seat and is easy to...
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    Pai Skincare tonight. Ruined by AY

    I'm an avid label reader. Many of our dogs' products are made with the same ingredients as ours. The same goes for medicines. We have Springer Spaniels, traditionally gun dogs, but our old one was terrified of fireworks so a trip to the vet was an annual thing for us. She was given Prozac for...
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    Presenters and sets

    I recorded Tuesday's Prai show and have just run through it (as the only item I'd buy is the neck cream). I noticed the models had a pack of Waterwipes on the table between them. The pack was hidden by the giant tub of neck cream in later shots which made me think that someone else on the floor...
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    Who buys this stuff??????

    Not on QVC yet (yet!), but I see Nicola Coughlan is advertising Skims. Not that she looks like Nicola Coughlan... If Skims worked that much of a miracle I would definitely be buying them, 'designer' or not.
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    A few nights ago I'd turned the telly off with QVC on so it came on automatically when I switched back on (I'm not permanently glued to QVC, honestly!). The first thing I hear? Ophelia asking a BA on Kim & Co what 'bulbous' means.
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    Oh, period/leak pants. There's no real difference in them apart from the way you wash them. If you use them for periods they need to be rinsed in cold water before washing so the stain doesn't set. If used for leaks wash at 40 degrees as soon as you can. They both have a wick away/lock-in...
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    I love Glamorize bras. I used to pick a few up whenever I visited America and would have my cousin bring some over. I buy the front-fastener ones that have what looks like a clip that will never hold up to the job but I've never had one fail. The underwire is padded and is the most comfortable...
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    Catheirne Huntley Weight Loss

    I'll never forget hearing my mum tell a smutty joke for the first time. I was in my late teens, she thought I was sleeping. I don't think I've ever been as shocked! Now I'm her age and have seen and heard just about everything I totally agree with you, Grizelda. I have a fair few mucky jokes I...
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    Dyson TSV 06/06/24

    That definitely won't dry my hair :ROFLMAO: Well, it might, but I'd have Dolly peering back at me from the mirror.
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    Can’t believe prices on QVC lately

    Beyond the wit seems to sum it up nicely.
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    Dyson TSV 06/06/24

    It's undoubtedly a clever bit of kit but someone at Dyson is overthinking/desperate. It's a hairdryer. To dry hair. I have the MOST difficult hair on the planet. The only way I can get it looking acceptable is to dry it with very hot air, at speed and from soaking wet. Otherwise it just...
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    Another poor presentation

    Who is this presenter? Is she the same one who presented the Ailoria nail files earlier? I glanced up and saw the nail file set at £18 and caught her telling us to look at it as £4 per piece with a FREE case. Now, I know I'm a bit of an old fart but isn't four multiplied by four sixteen? It...
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    Stupid giggling

    I think I might have seen that. I don't pay much attention at times as it's just background 'company' when I'm on my own. However, in the last week I've seen a rather stern BA stop the nonsense with a sharp comment twice. I think one presenter might have been Awphelia. I like a good laugh as...
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    Stupid giggling

    I noticed them, too. Very The Master (Buffy The Vampire Slayer series) claws. How on earth do people wipe their bums with nails like this? I'm happy to ask the internet but I've never been brave enough to ask my friend who has stupidly (IMHO) long nails.
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    Catheirne Huntley Weight Loss

    I found a massive load of segments in my pony's manure when I was a kid. I never missed a worming schedule since! Lice season would roll around every spring so as soon as the rub patches appeared in her winter coat, I'd be armed with a puffer tub of Malathion dust where an hour later and looking...
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    Catheirne Huntley Weight Loss

    You are absolutely correct. Women should be able to play in any sport they choose. And with the England women's football and cricket teams gaining so much support more women and girls are taking up sport. But along came certain men and boys and, once again, have spoiled it for them. If they're...
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    Can’t believe prices on QVC lately

    The Welsh cakes in Swansea market are the real deal and delicious. My aunt and uncle insist on us driving for hours to take them when they're home from America. They were 5 for £1 last time but that was before Covid. I think they're around the standard large cutter size of 3 inches. I heard...
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    Catheirne Huntley Weight Loss

    I'm so glad I grew out of needing male validation decades ago. I can understand it in young women but I don't understand it at all when women are middle-aged. Like Chunts, my semi-SIL is posting all sorts of crap all over SM aimed at men with a strange need for their likes and 'complimentary'...
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    Catheirne Huntley Weight Loss

    I definitely need one :D That's the great thing about dogs. You can never do wrong in their eyes. Mind you, ours tends to have copied Mr. AE with a form of deafness that only appears at certain times!
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    Philip Kingsley TSV 26/05/24

    I notice that a lot of male hairdressers seem to have the magic mirror they think makes them a good ad for their products/skills.