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  1. jacqualina

    Sun cream

    A bit late, but we go diving in The Maldives every year and both use Ultrasun. It has always worked without fail, even in and out of the sea in wetsuits all day. Obviously you can't arrive in the tropics and spend eight hours in the full sun on day one and you do need to be sensible...
  2. jacqualina

    Your Zooki TSV 01/02/23

    Very disappointing TSV - as Griselda said, you can eat a bit of fruit and veg for your Vitamin C and any excess is excreted in your wee. For the last two years I've had their Collagen supplement as a TSV and it has really helped my joints, but now I'll have to source elsewhere.
  3. jacqualina

    Elizabeth Grant

    Thank you, that must be it. Do the two channels never sell the same brand?
  4. jacqualina

    Elizabeth Grant

    Have I missed something? I just had a look on Ideal World for some Elizabeth Grant and they only have one item on their website. If I had known they were stopping EG, I would have stocked up.
  5. jacqualina

    The Continuing Downward Slide of TJC

    Many thanks for the link, I've just messaged Marianne. I have only just started using the CaviShaper, but so far I think it's really good. I'm working on my upper thighs and I really feel they have diminished. I'm planning to move onto my upper arms next and am hoping for decent results there...
  6. jacqualina

    The Continuing Downward Slide of TJC

    Could someone please give me a link to Marianne on Instagram, the little plug that covers the charging point on my CaviShaper (which I think is brilliant) has come out and I can't put it back. Many thanks.
  7. jacqualina

    Vionic Footwear TSV 08/09/20

    Does anyone know if there are any Vionic OTO's today please?
  8. jacqualina


    I pronounce "you" and "yew" the same way. Is this wrong and, if so, how should they be pronounced?
  9. jacqualina

    Dyson TSV 25/06/18

    I've just spoken to Dyson and there is a newer version of these fans that can continue to purify even without the fan switched on. Important for allergy sufferers maybe. It also has three or four filters instead of one big one and various other updated features. It's £499.99 on their website...
  10. jacqualina

    Tweak'd By Nature Haircare TSV 24/04/18

    I am always looking for a product to help give volume, style and hold to my very fine, short hair, so I looked up the Tweak'd products on the q website. I found Tweak'd Kauri 2XL Fiber Lift Dry Volumizing Spray and watched Jilly's presentation and the demo. I was completely amazed at the price...
  11. jacqualina


    I certainly wouldn't sign! Although I never saw him on QVC, he turned up on Gemstv a number of years ago and he was dull, dull, dull and didn't last long. I wondered what the people who were raving about him had seen in him, or perhaps that he had just completely changed. Mind you, I still...
  12. jacqualina

    L'occitane Beauty En Provence TSV 21/02/18

    I buy all my bath/shower products at TK Maxx now and am on the whole very pleased with them. I can't believe the price that l'Occitane charge for these products and purchases of this and other expensive brands are now a thing of the past for me.
  13. jacqualina

    GTECH - it's what they don't tell you

    On the GTech website they do claim that the Mark 2 cleans right up to the edge - could yours be faulty?
  14. jacqualina

    Fitbit TSV 14/01/18

    Thank you. Really strange, it's briefly been live and exactly the same colours as John Lewis (black, blue-grey and fuchsia), no extra band and priced at £94.95, or thereabouts, plus £4.95 p&p. I've ordered mine from JL with two years guarantee and am picking it up tomorrow from my local...
  15. jacqualina

    Fitbit TSV 14/01/18

    Does anybody know the exact details of this tsv please, i.e. are we getting an extra band as in the US tsv and what will the colours be. I love the plum in the qvc us, but if it's not available here, I'd rather buy it from John Lewis with free postage and a 2 year guarantee.
  16. jacqualina

    Mally TSV 26/10/17

    I wear brown eyeliner, I find it much less harsh than black eyeliner (especially at my age) and it matches my eyes.
  17. jacqualina

    Shay & Blue Perfume Collection TSV 11/10/17

    Received my TSV yesterday and have just tried it. I like the main fragrance, but the new Black Tulip is way too heady for me. It reminds me of something, but I can't think what, maybe carnations, anyway I really don't like it and will have to pass it on to someone who does.
  18. jacqualina

    Please tell me why.

    I too bought a couple of pieces in 14ct yellow gold mainly to wear on holidays. I have a 1carat solitaire engagement ring and a pair of studs totalling one carat. They have no sentimental value to me, so I wouldn't be upset if I lost them and they were cheap at the time because it was way...
  19. jacqualina

    Remind me - are they supposed to sell jewellery?

    I have been buying from Gems since 'Snatch It' days, so that is a very long time. I used to love them, but am now so disappointed with them that I have stopped watching. Their presenters shriek and over act with their hard sell, they are completely misleading in their use of the light box with...
  20. jacqualina

    Dreaded high street

    I've just got in from a shopping trip to our lovely High Street which has the usual shops, but also lots of individual boutiques, cafes and restaurants and not a shopping mall within miles around.