PURE is the UK consumer electronics company that started the DAB digital radio revolution and now dominates that market worldwide. It has consistently delivered products with an acclaimed mix of high performance and ease of use.


PURE produces a complete range of digital radios, including best-selling personal, kitchen, bedside, hi-fi and in-car models. Widely credited with kick-starting DAB in the UK, PURE's EVOKE-1S is the best selling digital radio in the world with an iconic and much imitated design. PURE is proud of its many firsts: EVOKE-3, the first radio with an electronic programme guide, SONUS-1XT, the first digital radio with voice feedback; the Bug, the first digital radio to pause, rewind and record live radio; Siesta, the first of many EcoPlus™ products featuring low power consumption, recycled packaging, and components selected to minimize environmental impact; Highway, the first mainstream in-car DAB radio; and Move, the first radio recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.


In July 2008, Pure announced that it has reached the two million unit milestone in its sales of digital radios worldwide. It took 6 years to get to the 1 million mark in December 2006, and only around 18 months to reach the next million landmark.


A product of a British company using British engineering and sold in multiple geographies, PURE’s two millionth radio is an important milestone for the DAB industry as a whole.


PURE’s progress during the last year-and-a-half has been fueled by several key product launches. Siesta was the first radio to be launched from PURE’s EcoPlus™ range, featuring low power consumption, recycled packaging and components selected to minimize environmental impact. Highway was the first mainstream in-car DAB radio and Move was the first radio recommended by the Energy Saving Trust.


Paul Smith, general manager, PURE Digital says: "PURE has consistently delivered firsts in the DAB market. We were the first manufacturer to sell half a million DAB digital radios, then one million, and now we’re the first to sell two million. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the thousands of retail stores that stock PURE radios and, of course, the two million PURE radio owners. PURE’s drive in the growing DAB digital radio market continues with an ongoing strong roadmap with a number of new products announced recently. We also have a number of very exciting and ground-breaking products coming out this year and next combining DAB with wi-fi technology which is sure to accelerate the take up of both DAB and connected radios."


Tony Moretta, chief executive, DRDB (Digital Radio Development Bureau) says: "This is a milestone for DAB digital radio and we congratulate PURE Digital and its parent company, Imagination Technologies. They have pioneered DAB in the UK and have consistently produced innovative, high quality products creating a new and trusted consumer electronics brand in a short period."


Sound clarity and truly portable, Pure are true market leaders. For any room in the house Pure has something for everyone, and now you can even listen while on the move.


Check out the website www.pure.com to view the entire range.


EVOKE-3 The World's Most Advanced Digital Radio

Packed with features to make listening more pleasurable and more convenient, EVOKE-3 combines innovation with class-leading sound quality.


EVOKE-3’s new features are easily accessible via an intuitive menu system and six-line graphical display. View Electronic Programme Guide listings for seven days, choose the programmes you like, set multiple record times and EVOKE-3 will record over 15 hours of radio to SD memory card. (Based on typical 128 kbps broadcast recorded to a 2GB SD card. SD card not included.) Or play MP3s from the SD card if you prefer. And if your DAB listening is interrupted you can pause and rewind live radio using the PURE ReVu™ feature.


Truly versatile, EVOKE-3 can be used to amplify your iPod or as an input to your hi-fi and its USB connector means it’s easy to upgrade too. With support for all DAB standards, plus FM with RDS for locations where DAB is not yet available, EVOKE-3 works worldwide.


Electronic Programme Guide

EPG, broadcast by participating DAB stations, gives programme times for up to seven days in advance. Use it to set up to 20 record timers at the touch of a button.


SD Memory Cards

Supports SD memory cards up to 2GB. Record whole radio programmes or music tracks. Play MP3s from your collection.


Bedside Features

Up to 20 alarms and a sleep timer. Unique touch-sensitive SnoozeHandle™. Fall asleep to one station and wake up to another.


Move - Rechargeable Palm-sized DAB Digital & FM Radio

A palm-sized compact DAB and FM radio, Move™ gives you all the clarity and convenience of DAB digital radio through speaker or headphones in a go-anywhere package with over 40 hours battery life. Now you can take radio with you wherever you go and listen to it however you choose.


Move’s compact styling fits comfortably on the narrowest shelf, delivering surprising volume and quality for such a small radio. Pop it in your pocket and listen to the match in the park or at the ground. Use it with headphones without extending the aerial – great while travelling to work, at sports events, or anywhere where you want to listen without disturbing others. And FM reception means you can listen abroad or in areas of reduced DAB coverage.


Despite its compact size Move has a wealth of features including: textSCAN™ to pause and control DAB scrolling text, 20 presets, an auxiliary input for connecting your iPod or MiniDisc player and a mini USB connection for future product upgrades. You can even plug Move’s headphone output to your hi-fi and use it as a DAB tuner.


Move’s built-in ChargePAK® rechargeable battery pack charges from the mains while you listen and provides over 40 hours of portable DAB listening.


Highway - In-Car Digital Radio with FM Transmitter

Highway is a unique, easy to fit in-car digital radio that also enables you to listen to your iPod/MP3 player.

Powered from the in-car power socket and easily attached to your windscreen with a removable flexible mount (just like sat nav) Highway receives digital radio stations and transmits them to your car radio on a free FM frequency. Simply tune your car radio to the FM frequency shown on Highway’s display to listen to digital radio or your iPod/MP3 player.


Digital radio brings you more stations including BBC 7, BBC Five Live Sports Extra, Planet Rock and theJazz. National AM stations such as talkSPORT, Absolute Radio and BBC Five Live are also broadcast in crisp, clear digital-quality audio.


Highway is packed with great, easy-to-use features such as ReVu to pause and skip back through live digital radio, quickSCAN to find free FM transmission frequencies, and 4 FM transmission presets (synchronize these with your car radio’s FM presets to make avoiding interference a breeze). You can even take Highway from the car when your journey’s over and carry on listening using headphones. (Headphones not included.)


Whether you want to enjoy the digital stations in-car that you do at home, listen to your iPod/MP3 player on the move, or just discover digital radio, Highway brings a lot more entertainment to your journey.


Sends digital radio directly to your car stereo via its FM transmitter

No expertise required to install

quickSCAN finds the next available free FM frequency

Play your iPod/MP3 player through your car stereo

Pause and rewind live digital radio

Can be removed from the car and used as a personal DAB radio. Requires two AA batteries and headphones (not included)

20 presets

4 FM transmit presets for instant tuning

Magnetic flexible windscreen mount makes it easy to remove Highway from the vehicle

Add new features as they become available via USB

Option to connect to your car stereo’s auxiliary connector (if available)

scrolling text provides additional programme information


ShoppingTelly.com Says:

The Evoke is a product that you will use everyday, listen to live radio or record your favourite radio show to listen later, we have some products in our lives that once we have we wonder how we lived without them, The Evoke is one such product. With the Move you can take DAB anywhere, the beach, the garden, with a rechargeable battery the Move is the best choice for DAB on the move. Last but no way least is the Highway a cost effective way to have DAB in your car, no more having to listen to bad quality AM stations, listen in Pure Quality in the car with the Highway. You can even pause Live radio, never miss a minute of your favourite show, filling up for petrol, enjoying your favourite coffee or a much needed comfort break.


Three great products from one superb company, that we truly can not be beaten for quality or price!

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