Controversial New Lifestyle Book ‘Primal Cure’ Released


Released on 1st May 2018, Primal Cure is a straight-talking lifestyle book, focusing on why you should change the way you think, eat and exercise forever. Available at high street retailers and on Amazon for £24:00 RRP.


Primal Cure is based on the work and life experience of entrepreneur and fitness guru Steve Bennett. Founder of GEMS TV, Steve is evangelical about the three core principles of Primal Cure. By adopting a primal eating regime, fasting intermittently and using his MOMMS (Max Out – Move More – Sprint) exercise approach, results are guaranteed.


The book is packed with advice and anecdotes explaining how the body interacts with, and responds to, what we eat. It tells us why we should finally befriend fats and proteins, and get off the ‘carb coaster’.


“We are lulled into a false sense of security and tricked into buying processed food packed full of rubbish” said Steve, Founder and Author of Primal Cure. “Foods that have a long shelf life are full of chemicals. I believe that we are often coerced into taking an array of medicines, which mask the problem rather than address the root cause. Adopting a primal way of living has given me back years of healthy living that I may not have otherwise experienced.”


The Primal Cure regime is one adopted by our ancestors – an eating discipline and lifestyle choice that strips out the harmful and toxic foods we consume today. Steve believes that generations of poor diet have had a detrimental impact on our health and wellbeing, but armed with knowledge of how to change eating habits and lifestyle, we can naturally reverse many systemic conditions.


Read this book; it will change your life.


All the proceeds of this book will be going to support the Colourful Life Foundation. Visit to see how you can further support our “Double the Goodness” programme.


Primal Cure is definitely not a diet book. The book is packed full of advice on how to live our daily lives more ‘primally’ therefore providing a long-term approach to sustainable health.


The book Primal Cure has been written by digesting copious amounts of rigorous scientific research. In getting his own health back on track, the Author has read and digested hundreds of books on diet, health, exercise, the history of humankind, nutrition and almost anything that could help him get a better understanding of how to live healthy for as long as possible.


The book discusses how a combination of carbohydrate overload, eating too frequently and a sedentary lifestyle, are pretty much responsible for all illnesses in the modern world. Primal Cure is about focusing on what we were designed to eat. It is the natural diet of our species! It also pays close attention to when we eat and looks at the various types of exercise that will aid your health rather than those that are known to do long term damage.



Steve Bennett is a father of seven children and one of the UK’s most prominent business leaders. He has created many businesses and his companies employ over one thousand people around the world. His holding company BHHG (Bennett Health and Happiness Group), works exclusively in areas where they can improve the lives of others.


One of Steve’s most well known businesses is television company – Gems TV. With his involvement in sourcing gemstones from around the world, Steve has spent many years in remote countries and much of the insight in this book has been garnered during his travels.


His family founded the charity The Colourful Life Foundation and has built schools in countries including India, Tanzania and South Africa.


Primal Cure the TV Channel

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