Braun Series 7


The most advanced shaver ever released by Braun – with more computing technology than NASA’s Apollo 11* – it’s ideal for the man who demands perfection.


The Braun Series 7 captures more hair with every stroke providing that just-shaved feeling of smooth skin for longer. Thanks to the Intelligent Sonic Technology, it actively manages the power of the shaving system as it reads your face and automatically adjusts to the density of your stubble. 10,000 micro-vibrations in every stroke gently stimulate hairs, making them easier to cut and ensuring a closer shave in fewer strokes.


The top model comes with Braun’s most advanced Clean&Renew™ system to date, which kills 99.9% of germs in the shaver and keeps it feeling like new everyday. An interactive LCD panel ensures that the Series 7 satisfies even the most demanding gadget fan.


Features & Benefits


The tailor-made shaving experience

The unique SensoFlex™ automatically adapts to every individual’s facial contours regardless of shape – for an individually optimized shave.

The closest possible shave

OptiFoil™ Technology: Braun's most advanced foil has zones with differently sized holes to capture hairs growing in different directions, for the closest cut.

The worlds strongest and only Intelligent Sonic Technology

The world’s strongest ‘Sonic Technology’ with over 10,000 micro vibrations in every stroke. The Intelligent Sonic Motor automatically senses the density of your stubble and actively manages the power to deliver constant performance.

Shaving even flat lying hairs effortlessly

The PowerComb™ raises flat-lying hairs, giving a closer and easier shave in hard-to-reach areas.

Maximum Shaving Efficiency and Less Skin Irritation

Precision Comfort Blades cut hairs close in a single stroke without pulling or tugging for exceptional closeness & comfort.

Smart contour adaptation

The Contour Hugging Head automatically adjusts to every facial contour – for a perfect shave, with no compromise.

Rapid Closeness

Twin-foils and an integrated cutter of the 3-Stage Cutting System shave long hairs and stubble progressively closer in one stroke.


Braun's most advanced foil has zones with differently sized holes to capture hairs growing in different directions helping to cut them closer than ever before.

Hygenic Cleaning

The patented Clean & Renew™ System from Braun automatically cleans, lubricates, dries* and charges the shaver at the touch of a button – giving you the feeling of a brand new shaver everyday. The only cleaning system to kill 99.9% of germs in your shaver. *Series 7-790cc only


*based on flight computer of Apollo 11 Says:

Do you wet shave? Do you pay £10 for a pack or blades? STOP! I was exactly the same, never again, I first tried an earlier razor with the patented Clean & Renew™ system and it totally changed my life. I now use the Braun Series 7 and the best has just got better. Never have I had such a perfect shave, quick, easy and clean every time the Braun Series 7 is without doubt the king of electric razors.


Items that changed your life ... let me guess, The Mobile Phone, Sat Nav, computer? Well I truly beleive that Braun Series 7 will be added to that list, no exageration, this razor will change your life!


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