BISSELL Vac & Steam

Here at we get the chance to check out numerous products, sometimes companies send products, they say it is so amazing it is like they have reinvented the wheel, which is most cases is just not true.


Over the past few weeks I have been trying out the BISSELL Vac & Steam, not often does a product give me the immediate WOW factor, however the BISSELL Vac & Steam did just that.


The build of the product was superb, no great shock as it was BISSELL after all, but the ease of use even surpassed BISSELL, use the small jug that is included to fill the Vac & Steam, pop on a Mop Pad, one more abrasive and a softer pad for wood floors etc. The Pads come with a small pouch inside, this is to place a Fragrance Pad, so as you clean your room is filled with a beautiful Spring Breeze fragrance.


….. and we are ready to go, no more sweeping before you steam the Vac & Steam does both, so I go back to the first paragraph about reinventing the wheel, well BISSELL have reinvented the steam cleaner. Why would you spend money on a steam cleaner that only does half the job? The BISSELL Vac & Steam does it all and without any doubt in all in the 13 years of’s existence the BISSELL Vac & Steam is one defiantly one of our Top 3 Products EVER!


The Vac & Steam is available from BISSELL today at just £129.00 now, includes a Free Steam Shot. Click Here to Buy Now. ©2017 -  All Rights Reserved.