With video content becoming more the norm when visiting websites, here at were exploring new ways of providing our visitors with an enriched multimedia experience, but not one to be shrugged off as homemade or amateur.


With this in mind, we’ve been lucky enough to sample a range of products that will allow us the opportunity to deliver a professional video presence – with one such hot product being the 7” Starter Series Prompter from Autocue.


Autocue is the number 1 provider of teleprompters, not just in the UK but in almost every country around the world. The fact that teleprompters are so often referred to as ‘Autocue’ really does suggest that were dealing with the industry leaders.


The Starter Series has been developed as a low cost prompting and presentation system, ideally suited to educational, corporate and religious institutions, small productions and conferences, and home users.


Available in a range of monitor sizes (7” to 17”), the series is also available as a conference teleprompting system and further still within the range is an award-winning hardware system that turns the iPhone or iPad into a hand-held teleprompter.'s verdict:


The excitement surrounding the reviewing of this product was simply indescribable...


Here we have a company that has supplied teleprompting systems to some of the biggest names in broadcasting (including BBC, MTV & CNN) but now they claim to offer an affordable range of teleprompting solutions to people like you and me.


People who have in the past had to make do with cue cards, memorising scripts (badly!) or worse still ad-libbing... but is teleprompting really within our reach?


YES - the Starter Series from Autocue is everything it boasts and more!


Designed for use with any DV or Mini-HD camera, the system comes delivered inside a custom-made case making it ideal for those filming on location especially since setup is so quick and simple with everything you need included to get prompting.


The software included is QStart - offering professional functionality such as dual-screen, multi-language text, script markers and multiple control options.


When it comes to controlling the prompter, there are many options available - as standard you can use your keyboard & mouse or you can choose from optional accessories such as hand or foot controllers.


We were lucky enough to sample the foot controller which really does enrich the prompting experience and become a must have addition to your teleprompting setup.


Autocue really have excelled themselves with their Starter Series of teleprompters... here they have created a range that has made teleprompting accessible for all.


If you always thought teleprompting was beyond your reach... think again!


7” Starter Series Promoter retails at £999.99

Optional Foot Controller retails at £300.00


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