Aurelius Acquires Ideal Shopping Direct


AURELIUS Alpha Limited, a subsidiary of Europe-wide AURELIUS Equity Opportunities SE & Co. KGaA, announces the acquisition of Ideal Shopping Direct, a UK-leading multi-channel home shopping provider Blackstone known. Silence has been agreed on financial details.


Ideal Shopping Direct acquires, designs and sells lifestyle, home improvement and craft supplies to more than 600,000 customers through a variety of interactive distribution channels, including TV shopping, social media, websites and live events, and generated £ 145m in sales in 2017. The company has two flagship formats, Ideal World and Create & Craft, which distribute video content in the United Kingdom and the United States. Ideal Shopping employs 800 people and is headquartered in Petersborough, UK. This is where the conception, production and broadcasting of the consignments as well as the dispatch of the products to the end customers takes place.


Following the acquisition, AURELIUS will work with the existing management team to launch a reorientation program focused on operationally improving the business, strengthening brand awareness and optimizing the product portfolio.


"Ideal Shopping Direct is a dynamic company with a loyal customer base, a strong infrastructure and a strong position in both home improvement and craft supplies, as well as everyday necessities," said Tristan Nagler, Managing Director of AURELIUS UK. "The company is an attractive investment for AURELIUS. We will provide Ideal Shopping Direct with the operational and financial support needed to leverage the full potential of the company in close collaboration with the management. "


Bill Adams (right), CEO of Ideal Shopping Direct, adds, "We look forward to working with AURELIUS, an investor experienced in home and craft supplies, TV shopping and multi-channel retail. Ideal Shopping will benefit significantly from its operational experience to rebalance the business and achieve our growth goals. "